Rex Black Diamond supreme chain lube
Rex Black Diamond chain lube test

Rex Black Diamond supreme-low friction all-condition chain lube

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"Black Diamond has been excellent in every aspect, no matter if I ride on road, MTB or race cyclocross. Also during the harsh and cold winter of Finnish Lapland, Black Diamond has worked really well."
Niko Heikkilä, Cyclocross and MTB Finnish Champion chose Rex Black Diamond as one of the top new products of 2019.

Rex supreme-low friction, chain lube combining test-winning friction levels with strong weather resistance. 30g bottle of solvent free, non-vaporising wax-based elastic liquid chain lube with Black Diamond particles.

Each bottle provides up to 30 lubrications.

The latest, premium quality wax-based chain lube from Finland is made by ski wax brand Rex, known for producing exceptional quality ski waxes, particularly for the ski touring market.

Rex Black Diamond has been thoroughly tested in independent testing laboratories on two continents. In tests conducted by Zero Friction Cycling (Australia) and Wheel Energy (Finland), Black Diamond was tested to be the longest lasting chain lube ever, and also one of the lowest friction chain lubricants.

To date, no lubricant has remotely demonstrated the treatment longevity of Rex Black Diamond, which outperformed competing lubricants in tests, even when tested with an astonishingly long lubrication interval of 1,000 km.

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To apply, first clean the chain removing all other lubricants. Each link of the clean chain needs to be coated with the lube, and the chain is spun slowly to coat the links. The lubricant forms spidery strands that sit on the links and coast each part of the chain. Then just go ride!



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