Why Peaty's Bike Bonanza could change the bike industry for ever

So I found myself heading north this weekend to Sheffield, to take part in the first ever 'Peaty's Bike Bonanza', held at Ponds Forge Leisure Centre in Sheffield. The brainchild of mountain bike legend Steve Peat, over 50 vendors, both businesses and individuals, set up early on Sunday morning to sell everything from merino socks to complete bikes. Peaty was also in full on business mode, selling everything from signed gloves to forks and tyres.


Given that Steve had only really advertised on social media, the event was really well attended, and the hall was bustling, with DJ Kevin Radical adding to the vibe with a great selection of tunes. Josh Bryceland was also there, still on crutches, but looking every inch the champion he is and with a full range of second hand components and consumables on sale. Money was changing hands all over the place and proud looking mountain bikers could be seen walking around wit hands clutching everything from brake pads to carbon full susser frames.

Broken Riders were there to sell off some old stock at knockdown prices, and to launch our new ranges on an unsuspecting public. It was great to meet some of our current customers and friends, and to make some new ones. One even wore his Broken Riders tee to the event and I beamed when I saw it!

But what struck me most about the event, above all else, was how this event could change the bike industry for ever. Where else could you buy everything you need for your bike, or even a complete bike, at a discount price, in one venue and with a hip hop soundtrack? Where else could you get hold of the same tyres that Josh Brycland rode on last season? Where else could you pick up an awesome Santa Cruz frame for almost half the retail price?

It seems like if you're prepared to be flexible in what you're after and do some prior research, then you could walk away with a brand new bike for almost half the full retail price. The same applies to components,  riding gear and apparel. There were unbelievable bargains on offer, especially in the first two hours. Given that this event was such a success, and received so much interest, it seems only a matter of time before Peaty holds another such event, and I can imagine that many more vendors would be interested in attending.

The turnover of products in mountain biking is moving so fast these days, there must be lots of companies who want to get rid of their 'slightly less than current' stock. Also, if you've got a shed full of barely used bike bits, selling them at an event like Peaty's Bike Bonanza is so much more enjoyable than dealing with an unknown avatar of eBay. And surely no one would ever begrudge professional racers making a bit of extra cash by selling off their unwanted parts, and giving ordinary riders like me the chance to shred with the same rubber as Peaty?

Watch this space, Peaty's bike Bonanza has changed the bike industry forever...

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