About Us

I was recovering from a dislocated fracture of my ankle when I first had the idea for Broken Riders. It seemed to me that all the cycle, surf and skateboard apparel brands out there were centred on racing, winning, being a superstar, or being number one. But what about people like me? How about the ones who aren't the superstars? The ones who are always going to be more or less average riders? The ones who hurt themselves trying to improve, but get back on because they love the freedom their sport brings and yearn to get lost again in the moment of the ride, when time stands still and nothing else matters.

It was then I began developing ideas for an apparel brand that would appeal to people like me - the Broken Riders. 


So who are we? Broken Riders is an apparel brand for people who love to ride mountain bikes. If you've ridden, fallen off and got back on, you're a Broken Rider.

Unlike some other apparel brands, we believe that looking after the planet should be an integral part of our business. After all, it's our playground! Wherever we can, Broken Riders products are made from organic and sustainable materials.

The cotton used for our t-shirts is EarthPositive® (ethically sourced, carbon neutral and manufactured using sustainable energy sources such as wind and solar power).

Our bamboo is also ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable. Whenever we can, we choose Fair Wear Foundation approved products. This means that everyone involved receives a fair deal for their produce and workers are ensured good working conditions. 

All our screen printing uses air-drying water-based inks that have less impact on the environment than traditional solvent-based screen printing inks. We're also looking at ways in which we can reduce the business' impact on the environment in areas such as packaging and shipping.

So please take a look at our great range of products and get involved with other Broken Riders on our social media sites. But most of all, remember that whatever you ride - it's all about the riding it, stacking it, getting back on and having another go.

See you out on the trails.


Founder, Broken Riders