First Blog Post!

Hi, and welcome to the Broken Riders blog. This blog will probably consist of my ramblings and a few photos with hopefully a few laughs along the way!

At the moment we're busy getting ready for our launch at Brighton's Paddle Round The Pier event. Billed as 'The world’s biggest FREE beach and water sports festival' and with the full backing of Brighton & Hove Council, visitors to Paddle Round The Pier can experience surfing, stand up paddle boarding, bmx, kayaking, skating, windsurfing and free running,land paddling, kitesurfing and even freestyle mountain biking. takes place on Hove seafront on 6th & 7th July. Broken Riders will have a stall within the traders' market and it should prove to be an amazing weekend.


Why not come on down, experience the atmosphere and maybe even treat yourself to a Broken Riders t-shirt or two?!


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