Jasper Da Seymour, MTB Photographer

Jasper Da Seymour, MTB Photographer

Jasper Da Seymour is just an ordinary guy who "loves bikes, beers, burritos, hollering down the trail with mates and trail building."

He also happens to be an amazing professional photographer from Tasmania who shot the Enduro World Series when it came to his country last year. His style is unique; he's always look for 'the angle', often giving a different perspective to that seen in mountain biking photography.

We asked him to give us a few words about what makes him a Broken Rider:

"I’m an average rider and have been riding bikes seriously for 2 years now, and by seriously I mean I have had my fair share of failures and successful runs down the trail.

My good mate used to drag me along for rides, until one day something clicked and I went deep end on into everything bike related, and made it my mission to encapsulate riding and its lifestyle in the hopes if motivating others to get out and see where two wheels can take you!

The rad people you meet and the incredible places and feelings you get to experience along the way, there is nothing like a solid top tube between the legs to humble you just when you think your progressing!

My ride is Bryn Atkinson’s signature Norco Range (yep I scored Bryn's bike - it’s insane!). It's been dialled in by the best in the business and feels like what I imagine a cloud would feel like if you could ride one down a trail. I still pinch myself before every ride .

I love bikes, beers, burritos, hollering down the trail with mates, trail building, hanging out with people who also froth supremely hard on bikes. I'm big into video production now, after last years redonkulous good times and love sniping photos of all things exciting in with it all. I genuinely love what I do for a living!"

You can see more of Jasper's amazing work on his website.

And check out his Instagram feed, or Facebook page.

All photographs copyright JDA Seymour.


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