We need to look after our playground

How often have you been out on the trail and come across a discarded energy drink bottle or gel sachet, obviously left by another rider? As mountain bikers, the planet is our playground. So why are we ruining it for ourselves?

All too often, those who use the countryside don't appreciate what they have, and littering seems to be the most common offence. We could debate all the day the so-called 'damage' that mountain bikes do to the trails, especially in the winter when the ground is soft and at its most vulnerable. However, there is no excuse for littering the trail - any time of year.

So, while I was pondering about why some people, mountain bikers included, think it's perfectly reasonable to discard their plastic bottles and sachets, I came across this excellent info graphic which effectively demonstrates how much harm we do to our planet through the continued consumption and discarding of plastics.

Makes you think, doesn't it?

Maybe now we'll think twice if tempted to throw something down on the trail. And for those of us who're considered enough not to throw anything down, if you see littler on the trail, please stop, pick it up and take it home with you.

We need to look after our playground.



*Thanks to upworthy.com for sharing this

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